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The Styrene You Know: Chemistry and Properties

Styrene is a binding material that is manufactured to create strong, durable composites.

Styrene, which is a liquid at room temperature, is used all over the world as a raw material to create high-performance plastics, composites and other products.


For detailed physical property information, please review the IPCS Safety Card for styrene and information prepared by the European Styrene Producers Association.


Styrene is often confused with polystyrene foam (frequently called Styrofoam®, which is actually a brand name for foam insulation), but in fact it is the monomer from which polystyrene is derived. Styrene, a liquid, and polystyrene, a solid, are fundamentally different. Polystyrene is inert and has no smell of styrene. Polystyrene is often used in applications where hygiene is important, such as health care and food service products.