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There is currently no other material that provides the same performance characteristics as styrene. Boats, for example, are more structurally sound by incorporating styrene in the manufacturing process.
A $28 Billion Industry

In the United States, the diversified styrene industry as a whole is an approximately $28 billion industry and has an annual industry payroll exceeding $4 billion. Every year the styrene industry contributes nearly $540 million to the United States trade balance and tax revenues of $7 billion annually. Source[1]

Currently there is no other material available that can provide the same performance characteristics, quality and cost-effectiveness as styrene. For example, by incorporating styrene:

  • Boats are more structurally sound;
  • Packaging is less costly and more sanitary compared to reusable products;
  • Automobiles have lighter components, thereby making them more fuel-efficient; and
  • Building insulation has greatly improved, helping to conserve energy (this reduces global warming gas emissions) and reduce heating and cooling costs.


Donated organs and many vaccines that must be kept at low temperatures often are shipped in containers insulated with polystyrene foam to ensure that they reach their destinations in the required condition for transplant or use.